Ariegsa has been established in 1996 as a service company under the name of Ariegsa Engineering Group to provide high quality service for air compressors in the Egyptian market. Ariegsa is located in 10th Of Ramadan city which is one of the biggest and fast growing industrial cities in Egypt. Due to the increased business activities we moved to a bigger facility in the same industrial area in 2009 and changed the name to Ariegsa Manufacturing. This helped us to concentrate on systems integration, assembly of High pressure systems and air compressor packages.

Oil & Gas

We represent , supply and we service the following products :

  • Haskel pumps and boosters (Accodyne Company).
  • Butech High pressure fittings (Accodyne Company).
  • Williams chemical injection pumps (Accodyne Company).
  • Linc Level switches (Accodyne Company).
  • Tescom/Emerson High pressure regulators.
  • Versa Valves.
  • SPIR STAR high pressure hoses.
  • Dewit Pressure gauges and chart recorders.
  • YZ Odorization systems & Sampling system

We can supply the following:
  • Hydrotest units
  • Gas test and charging units.
  • Hydraulic control panels.
  • Chemical injection units.
  • Flushing units
  • Well head control panels

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variable gas inlet pressure compressors work as a standard compressor or booster in the same product and are the ideal solution to cover the needs in regions where there is still no gas pipelines. This versatility allows to receive gas from a gas transport unit or from the gas pipeline network so as to supply a CNG refueling station in normal conditions, achieving the highest performance and power consumption.

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Compressors & Dryers

Compressor solutions for pneumatically discharging many dry bulk materials including cereals, flour, sugar, salt, plastic granulates, animal feed, coal dust, cement, sand and chalk. ARIEGSA are able to offer a wide range of compressor package solutions to suit numerous drive configurations, all of which provide a timely and efficient discharge driven by Diesel , Electric drives, or any suitable drive.

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We strive to always be the best in what we do!

Waste Water Solution





Call: (+2) 055 – 4411396 / 4411397

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Company address
Area A6 division 136/4
10th Of Ramadan City, Egypt

Name Position Email Address
Ahmed Shawky General Manager [email protected]
Rasha El Sherbini Financial & Administration Manager [email protected]
Ihab Fattouha Petroleum Services Division Manager [email protected]
Essam El Shimey Deputy Manager [email protected]
Gamal Mohamed Ali Service Manager [email protected]
Sameh Abdel Latif Compressed Gases Division Manager [email protected]